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We have updated the online tutorial originally by Doug Gerlach that will help you understand SIG's analysis.
Note: The following is used with the permission of the original author.


The Stock Selection Guide* is a paper form developed by the not-for-profit National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) in the 1950's to aid individual investors in the fundamental analysis and selection of stocks. The relatively-simple two-sided form enables an investor to identify the characteristics of a growth stock, and plot potential future growth from the historical trends. The SSG (as it is known) also helps an investor determine a reasonable value for the stock, suggesting purchase when the stock is temporarily on the cheap side of a value assessment.

The SSG is not, however, a "black box" analysis tool, one that uses mathematical formulas to prognosticate the future. It requires an investor to apply his or her own judgment to many factors in the analytical process. The SSG can be an important aid to the individual investor in discovering those stocks which are most likely to increase in value over the next five years.

The following tutorial attempts to de-mystify the Stock Selection Guide, to explain its components step-by-step, and to point out areas where an investor's judgment should be carefully applied. While this tutorial focuses specifically on the SSG, a special effort has been made to emphasize the tenets of long-term, growth stock selection that any investor may utilize.

Computerized tools that perform analysis of the Stock Selection Guide (such as the Stock Investment Guide by Churr Software) have greatly simplified the process. However, tools are no substitute for sound analysis processes and human judgment. For this reason, users should understand the SSG well enough to complete an analysis by hand. This leads to a better understanding of each section of the SSG and how judgment affects the outcome of the analysis.



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The author founded a successful investment club and has been a member of NAIC since 1990.

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